Unable to install MS XML6.0 on 64 bit Windows.

I am trying to install a dependency to my product: “Microsoft XML 6” (MSXML6). I'm doing my tests on a freshly installed Windows XP-64.

Try-1: Use the “redistributable” feature by checking the “MSXML6”. It only includes the 32 bit version of MSXML 6, as apparent in the result directory (msxml6_x86.exe). So on completion I get the error “Error installing, continue anyway?” dialog.

Try-2: Use “Custom Action” to manually run an MSXML 6 installer obtain from Microsoft MSDN site. But it only comes as a “.msi” file, and I cannot see how to run MSI file in the custom action, only EXE files. (Aparently it is not recomended to run an MSI from another MSI?)

I did find a hack, but it dates way back from 2006, I was unable to find the mentioned "support files" in my IS-2009.

Anyone managed to install MSXML-6 on a 64 bit platform using InstallShield Express 2009?
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Any progress on this?

I'm not sure it is worth asking for help again, but I have an MSI dependency redistributable. How can I include this inside my own install?

It's the same problem, but for another product.
"Spatial" gives 9 security updates from Microsoft in a single MSI "redistributable" that takes 4 Megs. It must be included with our product. We used to install such redistributables as an EXE Custom Action, but this is not an option with MSI file extensions.

The above link indicate a link for an EXE (that takes 375Meg) but it does not work on all 64 bit platform I tried (XP, Vista and Win7), so this is not a solution either.

We also must give to most of our customer a "single install" exe of our product in an easy download package. So we cannot ask to "please download and install that after your are done with our install", anyway it's not very professional.

So we are back to the main question: How can we integrate the MSI inside our own install?
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