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Level 2

Unable to execute .bat file


I am trying to execute a bat file which will create folders and install a windows service. Due to some reason, it is always failing.

Any help is much appreciated.

Installshield 2015 - Basic MSI

I have attached the screenshot of my custom action settings
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Level 13

First thing I would try is to leave out the "\SysWOW64\". You don't need that. It might cause problems on a 32 bit system where that folder does not exist and on a 64 bit system that redirection will be handled for you.
If it still fails get a verbose log and take a look at that.
What exactly do you mean by "it is always failing"?
Is there an error message?
Another thing you can do is put several PAUSE's in your bat file to see how far you are getting or if the bat file gets executed at all.

Is there a reason that you are starting the service with a bat file instead of via using 'Services' under 'SYSTEM CONFIGURATION' in InstallShield.
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