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Level 2

Two questions - urgent

I have to set a basic msi install
1. I need that the user can choose from 3 setups type:
complete(all the folder and sub folder).custom(the user will chosse the folders).
minimal (only one folder).
How I do it?
2.The Installation should write registry keys defined in reg file. The keys should be loaded during compilation.
How I do that?
Thanks for your help..
I appreciate this...
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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

1. The following KB article provides some information on a couple of different ways to accomplish this:
Q103232: HOWTO: Implementing Setup Types in a Basic MSI Project
2. Please see the per-component "REG File To Merge At Build" setting available for any component in the project through the Setup Design or Components view.
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