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Too Many MST and INI Files in Release Folder


i have created msi project with a multilanguage support. When i build it, there is more (33 mst files) mst files and ini files. How can i merge them?

Thank you,
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Level 2

hello again,

i want to give additional information about my issue.

there is file names i want to compress to cab files,

Product Configuration 1\Release 1\DiskImages\DISK1\

1026.mst, 1027.mst, 1028.mst, 1029.mst, 1030.mst, 1031.mst, 1032.mst, 1033.mst, 1034.mst, 1035.mst, 1036.mst, 1037.mst, 1038.mst, 1040.mst, 1041.mst, 1042.mst, 1043.mst, 1044.mst, 1045.mst, 1046.mst, 1048.mst, 1049.mst, 1050.mst, 1051.mst, 1053.mst, 1054.mst, 1055.mst, 1057.mst, 1060.mst, 1069.mst, 2052.mst, 2070.mst, 3084.mst, 3098.mst

0x0c0c.ini, 0x0c1a.ini, 0x040a.ini, 0x040b.ini, 0x040c.ini, 0x040e.ini, 0x041a.ini, 0x041b.ini, 0x041d.ini, 0x041e.ini, 0x041f.ini, 0x042d.ini, 0x0402.ini, 0x0403.ini, 0x0404.ini, 0x0405.ini, 0x0406.ini, 0x0407.ini, 0x0408.ini, 0x0409.ini, 0x0410.ini, 0x0411.ini, 0x0412.ini, 0x0413.ini, 0x0414.ini, 0x0415.ini, 0x0416.ini, 0x0418.ini, 0x0419.ini, 0x0421.ini, 0x0424.ini, 0x0804.ini, 0x0816.ini
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