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To set Set up Type dialogs


We are using Install shield Express evaluation version for testing the set up , In the Setup type dialogs, there are three options - Typical, Minimal, and Custom . In our set up we are in need of doing some actions according to the the set up type selection . For example -if the end users machine doesn' have sql installed then in one of the set up type selection we want to install SQL express R2 along with the normal set up process. I tried adding features , but I am not very sure about how to accomplish my requirement . Can you guys guide in me in this issue?

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Level 17

You can use the Setup Types view to assoicate your features with each setup type. See the Working with Setup Types help topic for more information. To install SQL express base on feature selection, you may want to consider using a feature prerequisite. See Setup Prerequisites vs. Feature Prerequisites help topic for more information.

Hope that helps.
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