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The specified File key (xml_serializa) not found in the File table

I've packaged my WinForms app with the Visual Studio Installshield Limited Edition wizard. (I can't see a Installshield LE forum, but since it's with VS2012, I hope this is the correct forum).

When installing the app on a different PC, I get this error during installation.
Error 2715. The specified File key ('myappname.xml_serializa') not found in the File table.

What can this be?
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Error 2715 is caused by an invalid file key found in the installation with no reference to the File table. Following are some common causes of this error message:

The most common cause of this error message is custom actions. When creating a custom action, one of the following can lead to this error message:
The file being launched by the custom action is also being installed with the installation. If this file is invoked before being installed on the machine, this error can occur.
The file may have been deleted or updated in the project; however, the custom action may have not been updated to include this information.
The file being referenced by the custom action may be dynamically included in the project. When it is updated at build time, the file key changes, causing the error message.
The custom action is being invoked at a time when it is not supposed to because of wrong conditions.

If the Component table contains reference to a file that does not exist in the project, this error may occur.
If two components in a project have the same name, one of them is not be built into the Components table. This causes the Component_ key in the File table to reference a nonexistent component.
When the InstallValidate action runs, it does not find the component referenced in the File table, thus file cost validation fails.

To resolve the issue, you may try below steps :

Delete the file causing the error from your project and re-insert it, rebuild the release to see if the issue is fixed.

Make sure that the File Name attribute of the custom action does not use [SUPPORTDIR] to point to a file to be launched. The [SUPPORTDIR] variable can only be used in the Command Line attribute of the custom action. Delete the custom action and recreate it.

If the issue continues to persist, it is possible that the file key may have been left in the project, causing the error. If this is the case, use the following procedure to open the project file (.isl file) in ORCA and clean it to fix the issue.

Note: Make sure to create a backup copy of the .ism file before editing it in ORCA in case it becomes corrupted.

Open your .isl file in ORCA.

Select Edit > Find.

In the Find what field, type the name of the file key specified by error 2715.

Delete every instance of the file key from the project file.

Save your project and rebuild the release.

Hope this helps

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