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The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable

Hi ,
I am getting this error, "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable", Kindly let me know if you have any feedback on this.

Thanks in advance

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Level 2

I am also getting this same issue, so thought I'd add to this thread 🙂

A bit more information:

- This is happening when trying to run the software AFTER the new Setup.exe has been run to upgrade an existing installation (using Minor upgrade only). The upgrade seems to run cleanly without error, yet if I check the application folder after the installer has completed the upgrade, none of the files have changed :confused:
- The only changes between the previous Setup.exe is some upgraded source files, one completely new .dll and removal of a redundant .dll.
- Then I updated the Package Code, Product version, start the Release Wizard and choose 'basic' product configuration and provide a new release name (e.g. 4.0)
- Media type is Network Image, Setup Launcher is set to 'Create installation launcher (Setup.exe)' with 'Do not install Windows Installer'.
- MSI Engine version is 3.1 or 2.0 (best fit) and 'Cache installation on local machine' is NOT selected.
- If I run the Setup.exe on a PC with no previous instance of the product (i.e. no upgrade), it works perfectly. It does not like upgrades for some reason?
- This is occurring on Windows XP

Attached is a screen shot of the message displayed when you try and run the application after running the upgrade Setup.exe and the associated event log error.

Any help much appreciated. I am no expert in InstallShield and am simply following notes left by a previous employee. We need to get a patch out to the clients!

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Level 7

Are you doing a minor upgrade? If so, in my opinion you cannot remove files from the basic installation, only add files. I understood your post in that way, that you are doing a minor upgrade and along with this you want to remove some redundant files from the basic installation. I think this can lead to errors
I would check the component with the GUID {4A1533A4-24B1 ... written in the eventlog in both setup projects.

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Level 7

I can't remember the exact cause of the problem, but I believe I know the solution.

You are trying to cache the MSI to [LocalAppDataFolder] this is the default location offered by certain versions of InstallShield, but it is wrong and can't be accessed on Vista and Above by a process running as the System user... or something like that.

You need to change the cache location to [CommonAppDataFolder], but I'm not sure that will solve your problem until the next round of upgrades as it may be the old installer already out there that is throwing up this error on the uninstall.
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