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[System] vs [CommonFiles]

I have read much conflicting information on this and I am hoping someone can set me straight.

Our product currently deploys several files to the System32 directory which I believe is a bad thing. They are not .Net resource files.

If they are deployed directly to system32 then all is working.

If I deploy these to [CommonFiles]\Some Folder\, I then need to add that to System Environment Variable PATH. This seems quite tedious.

Which is the correct way to deploy these resource files?

eg: They are potentially shared ocx / resource files such as DynaZIP.
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I am doing the same thing in one of my projects right now because I believed that having dlls in the system32 was a bad idea. I have placed the dlls in another directory and I am now adding to the path. I am running into a problem registering some dlls because these shared dlls are not being picked up right away from the path, just something to be aware of.
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If you modify the environment PATH, unfortunately the new PATH doesn't take effect until the computer is rebooted.
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