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Level 3

Suppress Upgrade Dialog

Is there a way to suppress the upgrade dialog ("This setup will perform an upgrade of [product]. Do you want to continue?")? I'm in the testing phase of the installation and whenever I make a minor change in the script or the files I include, it prompts me to upgrade the existing product when I try to install over the current install. I would like for that not to happen so that we can assure that the customer will never see it in case we make changes down the road. Thanks!

PS - I'm using InstallScript MSI

Edit: I would like to disable upgrade mode altogether. Whenever I go through upgrade mode, it prompts me to uninstall the product. I do not want that to happen.
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Level 5

1. Use upgrade table and insert the record appropriately. u can refer help
2. And write your own custom action just after standard custom findrelatedproducts.
The logic in this new custom action is to use MsiGetProperty to determine what is already installed and accordingly you can give custom message to the user and block.
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