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Supporting both IS2009 & IS2010 on same build machine?

Probably a silly question, but not able to find the answer so I'm hoping you smart people can help me out.

The Setup:
I have a dedicated Software Build machine that is used to build several versions of our application.

    The legacy version (last year's release) was built and is still patched using IS2009 Premier.

    The new release will use IS2010 Premier.

I use some methods (which reference IS dlls, which of course are tied to a specific release of IS). These methods dynamically update by ISM project files and are a crucial part of the packaging process.

What I need to know:

Can IS2009 and IS2010 be installed side by side and work correctly?
Basically can by C# app that references the IS dlls from IS2009 and build a IS2009 MSI package and have a "newer" version of the C# app that reference the "newer" IS dlls from IS2010 and build a IS 2010 MSI package?

Hope that all makes sense...
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Level 3

I think I've answered my own question. Everything seem to play very nicely with each other. Once C# project reference the ISWiAuto16.dll and the older one ISWiAuto15.dll w/o issue and works great.:)
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