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Supportdir files

I have a problem with the supportdir. I have an installer that the first thing that must to do is execute a file that is under supportdir option. Only in a machine, with an special characteristics, we have a problem, when the setup descompress the files that are in supportdir, this files don't appear in the temp folder.
I compared the "Temp" folder in a machine that all is ok with the other one that not. In the machine that all is ok I can see that in the temp folder appears this files:
- setup.exe, setup.inx, string1033.txt, _isres_0x040a.ini, _isuser_0x040a.ini, ISRT.dll, myfile.dll
And in the machine that happen the error are all files except "myfile.dll".
Someone know what may be happening, which is what this machine can have for not copy the file?

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You have to make sure that your Custom Action obtains the support dir like this:
MsiGetProperty(hMSI, "SUPPORTDIR", supportDirPath, nLength);

This is the only way to get the correct supportdir path:
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Level 5

Thanks for your reply.

The thing is that this only happend in one machine, in others works ok.
I think that the problem is in the machine, but I would like know any reason for this behavior.:confused:
Some suggestion?
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