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Level 2

Supportdir deleted after Basic MSI copying files during silent install


I have an issue with Supportdir being deleted during Basic MSI silent install right after all files are copied. What happening is once all features/component's files are copied, Supportdir with all files are gone (deleted), though I has plenty of actions to perform. I have even tried to debug during silent install, but result is the same. But, if I do it in normal UI mode Supportdir stays until the rest of installation.

Has anyone seen the same issue?

Here is command I run: setup.exe /s /v"/qn" and for debug I run setup.exe /s /d /v"/qn"

Thanks in advance.
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Level 17

In the Custom Actions and Sequences view, check where in the Installation Execute sequence the ISSetupFilesCleanup action occurs, along with your own custom actions that seem to be occuring too late in the sequence. It sounds like your special custom actions are scheduled after the ISSetupFilesCleanup action, but they should be scheduled before.

ISSetupFilesCleanup is the action deletes the support files.
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