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Level 2

Suite: basic function not compiled in InstallScript function in IS2014

In IS2014 suite project, the basic function such as MessageBox can't be compiled. I included ifx.h and then ISRTWindows.h. Anyting missing?
/ Include Ifx.h for built-in InstallScript function prototypes and for Suite
// function prototypes.
#include "ifx.h"
#include "ISRTWindows.h"

// The keyword export identifies MyFunction() as an entry-point function.
// The argument it accepts must be an object for a Suite extension interface.
export prototype MyFunction(OBJECT);

// To Do: Declare global variables, define constants, and prototype user-
// defined and DLL functions here.

// Function: MyFunction
// Purpose: This function will be called by the script engine when
// the Suite engine calls your InstallScript action.
function MyFunction(oExtension)
// To Do: Declare local variables.
string str1;
//SprintfBox(INFORMATION,"MyFunction:","%s", str1);
// To Do: Write script that will be executed when MyFunction is called.

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Level 13

I am not certain of IS2014, but IS2013 did not allow any UI dialogs/message boxes to display.
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Level 2

I think that you answered my question. Fortunately, LaunchAppAndWait() works.
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