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Level 3

Suite Project question

I have a suite project that shows the options Complete and Custom when it runs. The question is how can I remove the Complete (I have both workstation and server installs as part of the suite) options and have it just show the Custom by default?

Note: I figured out how to not enable the Complete, but would like to hit it all togethor..

Also, Is there a way to have the different features NOT checked (they are all checked by default)?
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

You should be able to remove the InstallationType page entirely. So long as the next page is the one you want to go to instead, everything should just work. (Though it is worth checking to make sure nothing else refers to InstallationType.)

To change whether features are selected by default, go to the Features view and give them a condition. This can vary from an overly simple "None" (which evaluates to false when it has no subconditions) to a condition that will depend on what can be found on the machine.
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