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Suite Project: How to set property on a checkbox for a custom dialog

I have a custom wizard page that contains a checkbox. I can set a property using this checkbox properly. However, once the checkbox is selected, the user can no longer clear the checkbox because the property has been created.

So I tried to get creative and set another property for the checkbox click event that clears the property if the property Equal '-1' and I am doing a string comparison. I set the Name to the property name and then I leave the value empty. I expected this to delete the property.

The original setting is set to Name: , Convention: String, Comparison: NotEqual, Compare To: -1| Name: , Value: -1

However, this is not letting me select the checkbox at all. I suspect that it evaluates the first condition and then the next condition and both cancel each other out. I know there must be a correct way to code this so a user can toggle the checkbox and I still can correctly set a property based on the checkbox state.

Any ideas?

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Level 17

I think in your case, you'll want to avoid using click events to set the same property that the check box is associated with. All you really need to do is set the check box's property field to something like MyProperty==Value.

Take a look at the radio buttons on the built-in license agreement wizard page. Although these are radio buttons, the property association works the same as it does for check boxes.
Level 13

Now that was simple - I am ashamed that I did not see that correlation. 😮
Thank you.