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Suite Project - Control feature installation based on user choice on custom dialog

I have a requirement that asks the user if their current computer is the 'Main' computer for SQL Server or a 'Client' computer. This controls if SQL Server Express gets installed or not with the package.
I am converting a project from Wise Installer and using the Suite Project since I can present a UI prior to installing any files including the prerequisites.

On the custom dialog I have two radio control buttons with properties ##main##=true if they select Yes this is the main, and ##main##=false if No, this is not the main computer.

What I don't get is how to tie the property 'main' to the feature SQLServer2012 so that it ONLY installs if main=true. I can see how to set platform conditions, system conditions, but nothting that lets me to set a property condition. The same is true for the package as well.

Also, I want to pass this property value into the primary msi package as a property. I suspect this is straightforward as a command line option.

So is it possible for me to toggle the feature status based on the value of the 'main' property?

Also, it could be that I am approaching the problem incorrectly. I am very new to the Suite Project schema and so let me know if I am out to lunch here. It should be fairly straight forward to control feature manipulation within a package set, that is basic to any installation requirement.

Thank you.

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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

There are two approaches you can take here. If you can upgrade, InstallShield 2013 added the ability to more universally create conditions on property values. However they are probably not evaluated at the right time for what you need. Instead you probably need to use the already existing approach, which would be to wire your check box or radio button to a magic property of the format FEATURE[feature-name].actionState. This will allow you to mimic the capabilities of a check box in the feature selection tree on any other control.
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Level 13

Michael, thank you. That is what I was looking for and I have since found the reference in the help as well.
I was just not looking hard enough 🙂

So I will set the actionState="" when the 'Client' option is selected, and 'install' when 'Main' is selected.
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