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Suite Installar is not getting uninstalled showing error 80070667.


We are facing an issue during uninstallation of suite program which comprises 4 packages with in itself.
Installation is going all fine for all of those 4 packages but issue is during uninstallation of suite program from add/remove. In the suite project settings of uninstallation, we have enabled only one package to get executed (that is enabled removal of only one package) which is without any command line arguments. but Still /debuglogs shows error code 80070667 which is INVALID_COMMAND_LINE.

We have tried uninstalling the package independently out of suite program, which is uninstalling all fine.

Any help is greatly appreciated, as issue is getting critical without any clues.

We are using IS 2012 premier edition.

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Level 5

Any ideas from any one??
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