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Level 13

Suite Feature Selection Tree Question

Is it possible to not allow the unchecking of features in the Feature Selection tree when in Maintenance Mode?
The reason is that this is a bit confusing to the user. Say we have 5 features and features 1 and 2 are already installed. When the user goes into maintenance mode they may say... I only want to install feature 3, so they uncheck features 1 and 2 and check feature 3. You see what's going to happen... features 1 and 2 are going to be uninstalled and feature 3 is going to be installed!
I think I would prefer not to let users uninstall from here.. they should got to ARP as they are accustumed to doing. I tried setting 'Remove' to No on the package, but then they can't install all the packages by uninstalling the Suite from ARP.
Another alternative would be to make the feature 'Not Visible' if it is already installed, but the only choices are Yes or No. Any ideas?
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Level 6

Is there any update to use boolean logic?

Example :

FeatureSelection -
Install button -
Enabled property -
{Binding FEATURE[featurename1].actionState!=0} AND {Binding FEATURE[featurename2].actionState!=0} AND {Binding FEATURE[featurename(n)].actionState!=0}
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

No, this is still missing. You can usually get the same effect by writing a C++ UI extension action to summarize your more extensive logic into a new property, and wiring it in at a convenient location (such as a validation event - at least in 2012 Spring - or a next button in either version).
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Level 6

this one might help you 🙂 just select before the release which one you should NOT remove from Maintenance... click there !
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