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Startup menu problem confused:

Hi All,

I have a small problem in displaying my application in the startup menu. I am using Installshield 2008 Basic MSI project to build a setup for my application.

In the application information page, I am asked to enter the company name and other details. I have entered all the necessary details and followed all the steps to build a perfect setup.

The setup is working fine. My problem is in the startup menu. In the startup menu, the application details are shown like the below format

Start -->Programs --> Company Name --> Application Name --> Application exe

I need a way to remove my company name from this. Is that possible. If so please help me to overcome that.

I need a format like this

Start -->Programs --> Application Name --> Application exe

Awaiting the experts advice.

Thanks in advance

Warm Regards

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Flexera Alumni

In the Shortcuts view of the main installation designer, you should be able to modify the installed shortcut location.
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Level 5


Thank you for the reply. I was not able to do the change the settings. could you please be more specific on how to do. I tried to click on the Company name and i did not find an option to remove that alone.

Please help.

Thanks and warm regards

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Level 8

Go to installation designer - >System Configuration ->Shortcuts

here you can modify
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