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Standalone Build Not Working using .NET Framework object

Hello All,

We recently upgraded to InstallShield 2008 professional and are trying to get our build machine going (We are previous subscribers to 11.5, thus we have access to the StandAlone build engine through license).

We are using the Windows Installer Engine object and the .NET Framework object in our installer and everything builds fine on the development machine.

The problem is when trying to build on the build machine using the StandAlone build engine we get a an error that states "Unable to load InstallShield Object(s): WinInstallerEngine\New Windows Installer Engine 3.x 1" (we also get an error for the .NET framework object).

We have installed the InstallShield .NET Object on the build machine (and verified that it is there under the StandaAlone Build\ObjectsPro directory). Same with the InstallShield Windows Installer Object package.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are dead in the water until this is resolved.
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Level 9

I submitted this issue as a bug a while back. Check this thread for the solution.
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Level 4

That did it - I did do a search on the Standalone in this forum but that post did not come up.

Thanks Again.
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