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Stand Alone Builder Prerequisites

I am just starting out with the SAB, and am a little confused about the Prerequisites. Should I copy the prerequisite files from my development machine with the IDE on it, or is there a way to automatically download the needed prerequisites. Is there any reference material on the SAB. I've written batch files to work with the IDE before, but this is my first exposure to the SAB.

Robert M.
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There's no way to automatically download the required prerequisites. The easiest thing to do is to copy the redistributables that you need from your machine that has InstallShield over to the machine that has the Standalone Build. The following help topic has more information:
Adding Redistributables to the Build Machine for the Standalone Build

Here are a few more help topics to get you started:
Standalone Command-Line Build
Standalone Automation Interface
Specifying the Directories that Contain InstallShield Prerequisites

I hope that helps.
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There is an alternate solution I did to get a custom prerequisite I created.

1. I checked in my prq file into our source control system including my Installer ISM project files.
2. EXE or MSI could be defined on a shared network location.
3. Use an INI to build the installer with the PrePath pointing to the prq location defined inside.

Hope someone else finds this helpful.
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