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Source control

I've taken a look at Tools > Options > Source Control (tab) and I'm not sure how to use it.

First, I use SVN. Does IS2011 support SVN?

Second, options in that tab are mostly grayed out. Why?

If IS2011 can't support SVN directly, that's not really a problem. I just need to know what files to keep.

In a simple project folder, I found the following files:
Script Files\
+--- setup.dbg
+--- setup.inx
+--- setup.isr
+--- setup.obs
+--- setup.rul

I know that those files in green should be placed in source control. How about those in red?
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I don't know about SVN, but in Microsoft Visual SourceSafe we only add the .ism, .rul, and .sql files to source control and it works fine. The Source Control menu options are also grayed out for me - I just use the Microsoft Visual SourceSafe interface to checkout/checkin files. I think those other files you mentioned are dynamically generated/overwritten every time you build the project.

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This files you list in red are all generated from the files in green, so you've selected the right set.
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