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Sonatype Nexus Integration


I´m looking for some info on how can i make Installshield retrieve the Application files from a "sonatype nexus" (this is a dependencies repository)....

Any information at all is appreciated

Tnks in advance.
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Level 3

What would you like to do? Nexus is a Repository Manager for Maven with a WebService API. I think it's not possible to retrieve neccessary files during InstallShield Build process from a WebService.

We do it a indirect way.
1. We collect all maven artifacts with a maven command. To do so, we implemented a repoBuilder goal, which walks trough all dependencies and download each dependend artifact to a single directory.
2. From that directory we burn a DVD to deploy to our customers. If you would like to use InstallShield to deploy and install the repository you can define a component with dynamic file linking.

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