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Some files are installed to the wrong folder.

I have a multilingual WinForms application written in both C++ (mixed-mode and managed) and C# and when I run the setup, some assemblies (DLL) are outputed to the wrong folder.

For C# code, some dependencies are added to the "fr" sub-folder instead of being added to the main folder. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that these dependencies are detected for both the original DLL and its satellites resources DLL and in some cases, the DLL are added to the wrong folder.

Does it depends on the order that project outputs were added.

For C++ code, it is even worst. A resource DLL that should be placed in the "fr" subfolder is placed in "fr\Release\fr" sub-folder instead.

I haven't found anywhere where I can specify those path. Does I have to edit the isl manually to fix the problem and if so, how?

I had to erase a few line in the file since it has kept a reference to a project I do not include in the setup anymore and for an unknow reason, InstallShield Limited edition was not smart enough to remove the entry from the file and as a result, when I try to install my application from the genereted setup, it complain about missing stuff.

By the way, the first project I have created in an existing solution was not working at all. The I have created the setup project in an empty solution and then added it to the existing solution and the add each project output...

Now, after 2 days and many crashes and internal errors, I finally almost have a working project. Something that should have taken around 20 minutes if InstallShield was not having so many issues... including the fact I had to disable merge module for 64 bits C++ code.
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Hello Philippe,

I would request you to provide us your project (.isl + .sln file) so that we could investigate further.

I also understand that you are mentioning about crash. Could you kindly provide us detailed steps which resulted in crash so that we could try it in-house and investigate further?

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