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Skin customization information


Sorry, i spend several hours looking for this and i still cannot find it.

Quick questions:

1. Can you point me to the documentation on the Skin customization kit? I am still working with our account rep to be able to download this for my 2012 professional license. It looks like a long process.

2. The inherited project i have, I see a .isn file. Is this the source that i need to use with the customization kit software? I also have one more file I am sure is incorrectly named called skins.ini which has the following. Is this the input to generate the .skin file?



3. When i generate the new skin (the output from this kit), let us say I assume this goes into the IS2012\skins directory? Is this correct?

4. I look at the setup.inf that is generated by the build process, i see Skin=setup.isn. Where do i change this value? I cannot seem to figure out this part.

Thanks a lot. I appreciate all the help this forum has provided. I able to get all the pieces together for release and in the process learned a lot about the tool.
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Level 3

I was able to get the kit from the account rep. There is a document in there that shows the entire process. I suggest for folks who are having similar questions to install the kit and then read the HTML page that comes up.
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