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Single Setup for 32 and 64 bits platform


I would like to know if it's possible to have a single installer for 32 and 64 bits OS.

Currently, i have an .ism file with release flags in order to separate 32 and 64 bits components.

In the release view i have 2 releases, one for the 32 bits OS and another for 64 bits OS.

When i build my releases, the files goes to 2 differents folders.

When i look at the generated files, i can see that many files are duplicated : 32bits components and common components are in the two release folders (x64 and x86 OS).

I've changed the setup.exe and msi filenames in the two releases (setup_x86.exe and setup_x86.msi for 32 bits OS and setup_x64.exe and setup_x64.msi for 64 bits OS).

Is there a way in installshield to have a single installer that merge the 2 release folders ?

Or do you know how could i do that ?

Let me know if i'm not clear enough.

Thanks in advance.
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