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Level 3

Single Executable Version


I am creating a single executable for my install. However, the file/product version is the version of InstallShield I'm using.

How/Can I make the single .exe be the same version as my product version?

Thanks in advance,
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Level 17

This capability was added in InstallShield 2011. For more information, see Customizing File Properties for the Setup Launcher.

There is no such built-in support for this in earlier versions of InstallShield.
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Level 4

You can change it on a one-time basis in the UI. We increment our build #s with our nightly build, so we wrote a VB script to increment the ISM file in conjunction with our nightly build.

If that is what you want to do, check out this documentation:

Be aware the documentation is a little old, so you'd want to replace the 12 in this line:Set m_ISWiProject = CreateObject("IswiAuto12.ISWiProject") with 14.

See the properties for ProductCode and ProductVersion.
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