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Simple advice for IS 2023 install (ALLUSERS=2 ...)

I have a very basic install which uses ALLUSERS=2, MSIINSTALLPERUSER=1. Works fine to a point. It installs correctly when run without elevation. INSTALLDIR is set to [ProgramFiles64Folder].. and that redirects to the localappdata/Programs folder without elevation.

It still ends up in the same location with elevation and not where I expected which was under C:\Program Files\. For elevation or non elevation the desktop icon for the application is not removed on uninstall.

To get around the installdir issues I added some custom actions for setting INSTALLDIR based on whether AdminUser = 1 or AdminUser <> 1. These also seem to work up to a point. These were added in the Install ui sequence and install exec sequence after appsearch.

After an elevated install, an uninstall does not request elevation and nothing gets removed unfortunately. 

I first wrointe an installer in installscript (which I find easier to work with) 20 years ago but I only do this stuff sparingly so my knowledge isn't where I'd like it to be.


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