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Silent installs and XCopyFile

In testing my install in silent mode the only thing noticeable is a copy progress bar when I call XCopyFile in OnFirstUIAfter. The reason I'm doing this is because the file i'm copying over isn't part of the install itself but rather if it's available I want to copy it over. I've tried playing with Enable(INDFILESTATUS) in an attempt to not show this dialog during silent installs but no luck.

Suggestions appreciated.
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Level 4


Please tell me how can i install an exe file in silent mode..?

Also I want to associate its process to my progressbar...

I have Idea like there should be a way through which I can associate a process handle of currently running process... but still m not getting any type of success...

Please Help me..:o 😞 :mad:
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Level 9

To run an MSI exe silently you can do something like:

setup.exe /v"/qn" /v"PROPERTY1=propery1Value" /v"PROPERTY2=property2Value" /v"INSTALLDIR=\"C:\PF\etc..\""

keep in mind that if you were to launch this from cmd line on its own - it will come right back to the prompt - put it in a batch file and it will do its thing.

Also if there are spaces in your properties - they need to put in dbl quotes, like the Install Location.

I do not think you need to do /v" for each property but this works for me.

I use the following for my custom prereq that always runs silently. To pass properties from my main installer to the prereqs I added the following command line parameters in the App to Run tab of the .prq editor:


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