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Silent Installation of SQL Server

Hi All,

I'm still considering whether to buy installshield for my company. I have yet to see if I can install sql silently and correctly, this task is very important for me.

I must build a cd-rom installation and I want install sql silently using a configuration file.

Before install sql I must:
- verify if other sql instance exist
- if other sql instance exist, change my configuration file with a correct istance name. Save this configuration file in the temp folder of the destination computer.

What is the best way for me? I thought of two possibilities:
1. using custom action to verify sql instance, modify the configuration file and save it in a temp folder. Then I can install sql by command promt using new configuration file
2. using feature and before of this a custom action

Point 2 seems to me more correct but to do that I should:
- execute a custom action before feature (to modify the configuration file and save it in a temp folder). I don't understand how I can do this.
- insert temp folder location in the command line of prerequisite of my features. But my problem is that in the prerequisite editor doesn't exist a folder property which refers to the temp folder (such as ISPREREQDIR for example).

Can someone help me?
Thanks in advance
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Level 8

you can install SQL(Express) silently via a configfile, we already do it for many years.
You define in the configfile the non-variable properties for the installation and you pass the variable properties on the commandline.

Commandline looks like this for example:

"/Q /INDICATEPROGRESS /ConfigurationFile=\"%s\" /SAPWD=%s /INSTANCEDIR=\"%s\" /INSTALLSQLDATADIR=\"%s\" ",
SetupGetProperty("SUPPORTDIR") ^ "SQLExpress_2008.ini",
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