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Level 5

Signing problem - timestamp:.pfx file


While signing file using .pfx file, I am getting error.

Error code 1027.

Error summary:

Started signing Setup.exe ...

Number of files successfully Signed: 1
Number of warnings: 1
SignTool Error: The specified timestamp server could not be reached.
SignTool Warning: Signing succeeded, but an error occurred while attempting to
timestamp: Setup.exe
ISDEV : error -1027: Failed signing Setup.exe
I have Installshield2008.

If any one have idea please guide me.

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Level 4

I had the exact same problem, which turned out to be a proxy issue. Our IT had been a bit over zealous cleaning up the rules on the proxy, and inadvertantly blocked access to

Check you can access the above URL within IE. You should get a blank page or, in your case, an error.
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Level 5

Thanks for the prompt reply.

But still I am getting the same error.

We have allowed the following on our proxy.

Do I need to do some other settings?
Please give me details of settings or any property need to be set in installshield.

Please let me know.

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Level 4

Do you have any firewall software on the PC?

If so, have you tried disabling it while you sign your file?

Can you browse to using IE?
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Level 3

On the local machine we have disable the firewall settings. On the proxy Server we have allow the sites mentioned above. Still we are facing the same issue. Can any one have information which kind of settings should be made on firewall and which port is used to complete the signing process?
Please provide this information.

Thank you…..
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