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Level 2

Signing Files inside EXE

I want to avoid the problem with installing "unsigned" code. I also want to only distribute a single file. InstallShield lets me output either an EXE that is inclusive, or an MSI on a "CD".

In either case, I can sign the bits to ensure they are safe, but when I produce an EXE it is only partially successful. I can sign the EXE, but when the installer is run the MSI inside the installer is NOT signed and puts up the snide "not signed" message.

Is there a way around this problem?
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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Under #6 (Prepare for Release) locate the release that you are signing.
In the signing tab you will want to find "Sign Output Files" which has a drop down menu.
Here you should be able to select 'Setup.exe and Windows Installer Package' which will sign both the setup.exe and the .msi file contained within it.
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