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Level 6

ShortCut creation issue in non-english locales

On non-english locale machine such as French or Japanese, the shortcut gets created
but it does not use the 'Display Name' I have given. It uses NewShortCut1 as the name.

In the ShortCut property window, I have clearly put down 'Welcome' for 'Display Name'
and 'Key Name'.

Can someone help with this issue about why the shortcut gets created with name NewShortCut1.

Windows box is Windows 2012R2. InstallShield is 2014.

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Level 6

I solved this issue as follows:
In the 'Project Assistant' select 'Installation Localization'.
From the dropdown select 'Shortcut String Data'
If the non english locales for the shortcut has missing translations for that language it uses the default 'NewShortCut1'.
Just replace this with anything that you want.
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