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Setup installation package


I'm following the steps to make a Setup installation package in Spring InstallShield LE based in a 5 minutes video but my installation doesen't work. Steps are file -> new project -> Setup and Deployment -> select the InstantShield LE, button -> write the Setup name -> and press the OK button.

Then pops up a screen with 7 options.

- Application Information, I leave as it is, according the video

- Installation requiements, I leave as it is, according the video

- Installation Architecture, is blocked

- Application files. there are 3 buttons, according one video that I saw I should select 'Add Project Outputs' and Pops up a little screen called Visual Studio output selector, in the video appear the project with some options in there, but in my screen comes in blank.

After this I begin to guess what could be the correct answer in this, and in the following 3 option wich are:

- Application Shortcuts

- Application registry

- Installation Interview

It creates a Setup package File but it is useless, oviously because it was not created correctly.

Just I want to know what I'm doing wrong, I have 5 days trying

Are there some step by step guide to create a Setup Package ?

I'm using Windows 7, VS2012
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Level 7 Flexeran


I believe you followed the video. If you wish to add the project outputs to installshield project you will need to attach the ISLE project to one of the visual studio Project solutions.

Please follow the below steps:

Open visual studio 2012 > Open the project solution for which you wish to create ISLE setup and deployment project.
>Right Click on the solution>Select Add> New project> select ISLE project from setup and deployment section under other project types.

Now you will be able to add the project outputs to installshield properly.

Please find the attached document in below link for step by step guide to create setup projects using ISLE for visual Studio 2012:

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Level 2

My Output Selector is still empty. I have no idea what to do next. Pls Help.
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What are the files that you have added in your setup project? Does it include any dependencies? If yes, please right click on the files and select "Dependencies from scan at Build" and in Project Assistant -> Application Files, you can "Add Project Outputs" to select the Visual Studio project groups you wish to add in your InstallShield Project.

Hope this helps.

Please try and let me know your observations.

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