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Level 16

Setup Prereqs Masked by Release Flags Incorrectly Require Setup.exe

I have an IS2011 Basic MSI project that includes some prereqs. These redists have a release flag of "CORE".

Then I have a CORE product configuration with a release flag of CORE. I set this to build as a setup.exe and all is good.

But now I'm creating another ProductConfiguration (AddOnA) which has release flags that don't include CORE. I would like to build that as a single compressed MSI but when I go through the release wizard it shows Setup.exe as selected and greyed out. If I remove the prereqs from the project I can unselect setup.exe but I need these prereqs for the CORE product configuration.

This seems as a bug to me. Has anyone seen this before?

I'm trying to run the Update process but it says that there is a script error because content from Saturn is not digitally signed.

Update: I downloaded and installed HotFix A directly but it didn't help.
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Level 16

Ok, it seems like this bug is restricted to the release wizard. I am able to go into the setup.exe tab and tell it that I don't want a setup.exe. However if I run the wizard again it shows as selected and you can't deselect it.
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