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Setting environment variables in Merge Module project

Hi all,

Although I am not new to creating installers with Installshiled, I am attempting to create a merge module for my application.

I want to append the installation path of my application to the "Path" system environment variable.

I am pretty confused as to how the set the "Value" field. I have done the following settings:
1. I have selected the feature which is the exe for my application.
2. The "OnInstall" is "Set".
3. The placement is "Append".
4. "OnUninstall" is "Remove"
5. Type of variable is "System"

My question here is how will InstallShield know that it has to append the installation location in the "Path" system variable?

Thanks in advance,
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Whatever you called the Environment Variable.

In your environment Variables view, when you add a new variable the name defaults to something like "NewEnvironment1" - change this to "PATH" or whatever.

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