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Set string variable from inside the script

I am trying to create an application directory in IIS. I can set up the website and app name in the designer. However, I want the user to specify the name of the Application and I have a custom dialog for this. When I try to set the string using @ID_STRING51 - which is the string that was created for the IIS app name - I get an error when I compile even though I'm using the correct syntax.
These are the errors I'm getting when I try this:
C8126, -4370, -7132, -6487

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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Fixed this issue

I found that if I reference a property in the string, then I can set the property and it will be populated in the string. Ex: {ID_STRING51} [IIS_APP_NAME]

Since IIS_APP_NAME is a property, it set's this to the string value. I am able to use MsiSetProperty command to populate the property.
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