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Search for the installation package if a file is missing.

Sorry for my limited English, I hope you can understand me.

I would like to understand an operation that I cannot control.
I'm on InstallShield 2015 express.
My installation package installs correctly, but at the end, in "Custom Actions" / "After Setup Complete Success dialog", I launch 2 actions, executables, one to install Dll from vb6 (vbrun60sp6.exe ) as well as an executable to install the license management. These 2 executables are installed with my package in an N-1 directory (common to several of our software).
N = installation directory

It frequently happens that the antivirus blocks the launching of these executables, but my question concerns another concern.
After installing the software, I noticed that if I delete the vbrun60sp6.exe file from the directory. When I launch my software, the installshield installation package is launched automatically, in order to reinstall this file. In my software I do not check the presence of this "exe"
What mechanism manages this operation? is it possible to suppress this operation?
If I delete or move the installation package, I have a window asking me to select (find) the installation package.


Thank you

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