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SdLogonUserInformation method call example please?

InstallScript project.
Any snippet would be greatly appreciated.
I'm calling the method like this

SdLogonUserInformation(szTitle, szMsg, szAssociatedAccountName, szAssociatePassword);

It compiles OK.
But when i build the project, I'm getting this error:

Build Error 136; Could not copy file . blah... blah... blah...

I've seen this error several time before, opened the knowledge base and found, that it has nothing to do with the actual problem. It's so frustrating....

When I comment the line with the method call, it builds OK.

How to open that dialog?
Any ideas please?
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Level 3

Look at the "Adding the Ability to Create or Set an Existing User Account" in the help library.


To add support for the LogonInformation dialogs in either an InstallScript or InstallScript MSI project:

1. Navigate to the location in your InstallScript code where you want to insert the LogonInformation dialog set. In most situations, you will add it within OnFirstUIBefore. For example:

SdLogonUserInformation(szTitle, szMsg, szAccount, szPassword);

if (nResult = BACK) goto Dlg_SdWelcome;

2. In InstallScript MSI projects, add the following function so that the Windows Installer properties are set to the same value as the InstallScript global variables. You can add it after calling SdLogonUserInformation.

3. On the Build menu, click Settings. The Settings dialog box opens.

4. Click the Compile/Link tab.

5. In the Libraries (.obl) box, enter the name of your new library file (*.obl):


You should add the new library file name before the isrt.obl file name.

Once you have added the InstallScript code, build and run your installation. When the script is executed, the appropriate dialogs are displayed.
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