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ScheduleReboot During Parent and Chained MSI Package Uninstall


As part of our project we are creating a chained msi package in the parent setup using release option of InstallShield. 

In fact the chained MSI package consists of only one msi and it is working fine along with the parent setup during installation. However during uninstall the chained MSI package is not getting removed only the parent MSI is uninstalled.

When we did Initial  analysis we found there is a schedulereboot, standard action which is called as part of the parent setup , which prompts the user to restart the system at the end of parent uninstall. If we choose to restart the system then it would remove only parent MSI and not the chained msi package, suppose If we opt for no then it would uninstall both the packages.

During our further analysis of  schedulereboot action we came across this following link and as per the same the schedulereboot is not supported in multipackage transaction.

But as per our requirement we would like call schedulereboot after chained msi package removal, hence could you please suggest us if the same can be incorporated at the end of both packages removal???

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