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Same installation takes 16 minutes on windows 7 vs 1 minute on windows XP


I have this problem with all the setup files that I built, that contain ActiveX components.
The applications that I want to distribute are developed with VB6 and contain a lot of COM dll's. One particular example consists of 58 .dll and .ocx component files and 3 executables.
When I try to install the application on windows XP, it takes about 1 minute to complete. Using the same setup executable on windows 7 it takes about 16 minutes to install and about the same time to uninstall. Most of the time is spent on the Setup Status window, with the message "Writing system registry values" during installation and "Removing system registry values" during uninstall.
The setup project type is "InstallShield MSI" and I am using InstallShield 2012 Professional. However, I have the same problem using InstallShield 2009.
I have tried to run the setup using different access levels and with the UAC enabled or disabled, but with the same results.
Any ideas on why this happens, and how I can make the installation faster ? Thanks in advance for your trouble.
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

I'm not sure we can change or account for Windows Installer behavior much, but the things I would check are as follows:

  • As always, a verbose log file. Is there anything interesting around the point the UI spends so much time?
  • Since you don't mention how these registry settings are described in the project (i.e. whether they are self-register or COM extracted), you might look for run-time problems with the option you chose, or records in the system or application event log that might explain delays.
  • The Fast Install options in the General Information view. They sound like snake oil, but they're real on Windows 7. I just don't know whether they'll help your situation.
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