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SQLBrowse not fetching all available servers when move back.

Hi All,

I have a wizard (i., database selection wizard) it has inside controls of two buttons & two drop down boxes.
1. Browse
2. Fetch DB
Drop down Boxes:-
1. Server Names
2. Database Names

Step:1 When I click browse button it shows all available servers including remote servers.
Say for Ex. Display 'Browse - Database Server' as a separate pop-up will show as available servers including remove db servers. 
While I select any server Ex. "(local)\SQLEXPRESS", then it will come select on the drop down box of 'Server Names'.

Step:2 Then Click 'Fetch DB' button it will get fetch all available databases under the (local)\SQLEXPRESS server.
Those all databases shows in the drop down box of 'Database Names'. 

Step:3 User select any one of the database then Click 'Next' button of the wizard. It moved to next wizard screen (i e.,Confirm wizard).

Step:4 Then user decide to go 'Back' from the Confirm wizard. It means user back to database selection wizard.

Step:5 Again click the 'Browse' it shows only few local servers. It doesn't get remote servers
Say for Ex. Display 'Browse - Database Server' as a separate pop-up will only three available servers. 

Anyone please help me to get all servers including remote database servers when user back to click Browse. 

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