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Level 6

SQL Server Database Install

I want to include SQL Server Db installation as part of InstallShield Basic MSI installer.
However, the SQL server will be installed to different server. I want to create database on remote server using .mdf files. How I can do that?


P.S I am using IS 2010
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Level 8

unless something has changed that I am unaware of, SQL server does not allow for remotely attaching a database file. The MDF file must reside on the same computer as SQL server or you will run into some complex permissions issues at the least. If it is possible you might consider creating a SQL script to create the database instead, however that won't work well if you are needing to preserve the data in the database and not just the tables/users/permissions of the database.
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Level 6

Lurean, Thank you for your response.

I am a newbie. I need to know what can be done and what cannot be done with InstallShield. Requirements are:

Remotely create Db from an .mdf file, for initial install. This will be part of web application installer.

Later on, for update install, run SQL Script to update schema with preserving old data.

So for initial install I should use .mdf. For later updation installer I can use sql scripts.

Please let me know if it will be possible.
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