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SQL Scripts not running - why?

Hello, I created an InstallScript installer project, and amongst it's other features/components, it has two SQL Server scripts to run. I added these under "Server Configuration/SQL Scripts", by creating an SQLConnection and then on that connection selecting "Insert Script Files...".

But the SQL scripts are not being executed!

I tried creating just a simplistic installer, with a simple SQL script added in the same manner, with the same parameters for the SQLConnection. That one does execute - I can see the results of what it does within SQL Server. But in my actual installer project, the scripts don't run. And nothing in the log file indicates why.
When should the scripts run, before or after the files are copied over? What would prevent them from executing?

I'm trying to use InstallShield Premier 2012 Spring, on Windows Server 2008. The SQL is going against SQL Server 2008.

Thank you for any help or hints,

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Re: SQL Scripts not running - why?

I would suggest that you debug your InstallScript code and make sure that the OnSQLServerInitialize() and OnSQLComponentInstalled() functions are executed.
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