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SETUPEXEDIR not returning the correct location of the Setup.exe

I am using "InstallShield 2012 Spring-Professional" and my Project Type is "Basic MSI Project" and the output is compressed single MSI file.

As a part of install I need to copy the file which is also located in the same folder as Setup.exe.
Since I am using "Basic MSI Project", I used SETUPEXEDIR with MsiGetProperty as mentioned
But the problem is the value returned by SETUPEXEDIR is not the correct location of the Setup.exe, its showing some temporary location.

On reading few articles it seems that for "Basic MSI Project" I need to call SETUPEXEDIR at early stage of installation,
so I have done as mentioned by article

But still no luck, Could anybody please help and suggest how to find the correct location of the Setup.exe for Project Type is "Basic MSI Project"

Thanks in advance
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Flexera Alumni

Just to be clear, where is your custom action that calls MsiGetProperty to read SETUPEXEDIR? That is, where is the action scheduled? What type of custom action is it?
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Level 2

Hi Robert,
Thanks for the reply,
I have created New Custom Action of type "New Install Script",
This Custom action I am currently calling in "Sequences" >> "Installation" >> "User Interface" >> "After ExecuteAction".

I am actually copying INI file from same folder where setup.exe exists to Target InstallDir using this customAction.
I am calling this custom action at a stage where I think that Target InstallDir has been created.

I am flexible to change the sequence, Please suggest what I am missing.
Thanks & Regards,
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