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Level 3

Running a prerequisite msi in silent mode?

I am new to Install Shield and I am currently playing the evaluation copy of 2009.

Could someone explain to me how I can run a prerequisite msi in silent mode?

I have setup the msi file as a prerequisite of my Basic MSI Project and it picks it up that it needs to be ran fine, however, instead of just installing the files it pops up a form asking the user to Install or Cancel (see attached screenshot).

Sorry if this is a silly question!

Thanks in advance.
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Level 10

In the Prerequisite Editor for your prerequisite look at the Behavior tab.
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Level 3

Thanks for your help.
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Level 8

Edit the prerequisite, go to the "Application to run" tab. Here you will find the test box to enter the command for the msi to run in silent mode, enter /qn in the text box.

Hope it will work.
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