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Running a Custom Action (exe) in Silent mode?


I've created a msi file with an custom action. In this custom action, there will run an exe at the last part of my installation. Is there any way to start this exe installation in silent mode? I am not sure because this installation is an extra programm and during this installation there will be some message boxes ect.

kind regards

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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

This depends on one of two things. Are there command-line parameters you can pass to this EXE to make it silent? If not, can you write custom code that launches it with SW_HIDE, and will it work when launched that way? (Windows Installer's Custom Action support for EXE files is unable to launch EXEs silently.)
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Level 5


I´m trying to run a .exe from a custom action.

Custom Action => New Exe => installed with product.

Asuming that: Return Processing= Asyn(wait), Scrip Exe= Immediate and Exe Schedule= Always is set correctly, i think my problem is with the "Executable FileKey".

I dont know exactly how to do this, i try to added has a Support File, and make a component and set is key to the file, and that way i can see in the Executable FileKey comboBox, but still not working.

How i can do this? Tnks
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Flexera Alumni

To launch a file that you're installing, your action will need to be set to run in Deferred mode (changed from Immediate mode), somewhere after InstallFiles.

(To avoid running on repairs, uninstall, etc., you might also add a condition Not Installed---or better yet a component condition---but first things first...)
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Level 2

I want to run my .exe or batch file after installation complete in custom action silently which command line should i am use? please help
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