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Running Custom Actions On Uninstallation of Patch

I have a .msi that performs custom actions during installation and uninstallation.
Base on the msi, I created the patch that is not uninstallable unless you uninstall the patched application.

The problem is that when I apply the patch, the custom actions are disabled on uninstallation of the application...

To create the patch, you are supposed to create the minor upgrade msi.
So, I have set the custom action property for the minor upgrade msi as below.

Run during Patch Uninstall : Yes
Install Exec Sequence : After the InstallValidate action
Install Exec Condition : REMOVE = "ALL"

What else should I be aware of when creating a patch?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Level 7

Here are some examples of conditions that can be placed on custom actions:

I would suggest creating a verbose log tho to see if the condition is not being met or if something else is not letting it run.
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