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Run exe w/ custom action only during uninstall (MSI Project)

Hi, this is killing me. Pretty much a nube at installshield. I have created an MSI installer that launches an exe during installation to do one thing, I want to lunch during uninstall (with different arguments) to do another.

My custom action that runs during install works fine, but my custom action that needs to run during a remove all, never gets executed.

I found this:
>Use Action Conditions.

>To run an action during installation only, use the condition Not Installed.

>To run an action during a complete uninstallation only, use the condition >REMOVE="ALL" (which is available after the InstallValidate action).

However this is not working for me. I have the condition set to REMOVE="ALL" and I have it set to execute after InstallInitialize.

Another note: the exe I need to call is one of the files that I install during installation.

Any help? Thanks
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Level 5

Thanks, rgregory09 - I have precisely the same question, but probably would not have articulated it nearly as well.

I'm actively working on this, and if I learn anything useful, I will share that here. If you already have this figured out, any knowledge you can share is very much appreciated.
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Have you created a log file? That may help you determine why the CA isn't running.
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Thanks - I'm still a bit behind rgregory but will make sure to create a log file when it comes time to start testing our setup.
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I followed the instructions that rgregory pasted, and it worked for me - For what it's worth, here's what I have as my settings for the ca.

[FONT="Courier New"]
Executable Filekey: MyApp.exe
Command line: /[arguments for MyApp]
Return Processing: Synchronous
Execution Scheduling: Always Execute
Install UI seq: Absent
Install Exec Seq: After InstallInitialize
Install Exec Condition: REMOVE="ALL"
(The rest of the "sequences" are set as "Absent")
Run During patch uninstall: No

hope this helps (and thanks for your post)
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