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Level 4

Run complete installation every time

I have an installscript project that is pretty simple, just a handfull of files that go into a folder under program files.
When I put out a new version I don't want the user to have to uninstall. I just want the existing files to be overwritten and also have an uninstall option in add\remove programs.
How do I do that?
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Level 7

The OnMaintUI() and OnUpdateUI() do this for you unless you've overrode them or OnShowUI(). Use can see how they do it by using the little toolbar that sits above the script you are writing in the Installscript section...

Also you'll need to use FeatureSelectNew() in order to select any new features that you've added that were not in the previous installation.

FeatureSelectNew( MEDIA, TRUE );

if (ADDREMOVE) then

You can use the code in OnUpdateUI() to physically remove old files and then install the newer ones for a complete install.

In the Features/Components section you can also specify in the Overwrite properties under the General section how you want to overwrite the existing files.

PS. A.I. is one of my favorite movies and your username made my Friday!
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Level 4

Thanks DemonPiggies. The information you gave me worked.
I'm glad my handle made your day!
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